About Us

ECI is a leading national provider of vegetation and asset management consulting and field services to the electric and gas utility industry. For more than five decades, ECI has delivered technology-centric, sustainable business solutions that optimize return on investment, improve system reliability and increase stakeholder value.

ECI is the longest tenured utility vegetation management consulting company in the industry. We currently serve more than 30 utilities nationwide and have approximately 450 employees.

Over the past several years, our company has made major investments in utility-focused subject matter expertise and in enabling technologies to improve the practice of professional vegetation management. We have core expertise in programmatic vegetation management, mobile vegetation work management systems, wildfire threat mitigation, and linear optimization.

We are also industry leaders in assembling programmatic remote sensing, including mobile and aerial mapping, and virtual inspections. These investments position our firm to meet utilities where they are today in addition to supporting them in where they are going tomorrow.

Our Vision

Safely deliver sustainable solutions that are innovative by nature.

Our Mission

Trees are a leading cause of power interruptions in North America and vegetation maintenance is among the highest operations and maintenance costs incurred at most utilities. In many cases, traditional utility vegetation maintenance strategies typically lack the leveraging of technology and sustainability, and fall short of providing optimum return on investment for rate payers, investors, and other key stakeholders.

In the spirit of continuous improvement and optimization, our service offerings are designed to enhance existing processes at every level with a core focus on improving service reliability, reducing risk and cost, stabilizing and justifying financial resources, improving customer satisfaction and better ensuring regulatory compliance.


Learn more about ECI's Vision, Mission, Values, and Principles

  • Live and work safely
  • Build collaborative relationships
  • Leverage technology
  • Advance environmental stewardship
  • Provide growth opportunities for our employees