ECI Consulting Services

ECI Consulting Services

Comprehensive support, expertise, and guidance for your the industry’s most challenging projects.

ECI blends over half a century of industry expertise with technology and research-based solutions to tackle the most challenging vegetation and asset management issues anywhere.

Our dual branches of consulting services — Utility Vegetation Consulting and Technology Consulting — are designed to enhance system reliability, ensure compliance, and optimize for ROI in the most environmentally responsible manner.

Environmental Expertise On Demand

ECI supports our partners in developing and optimizing programs, planning and overseeing integrated vegetation management (IVM) projects, and studying vegetation regrowth to improve management cycles. We align management practices with reliability goals, leveraging research for informed decision-making, and benchmarking against industry standards in a range of specialized areas like litigation support, managing vegetation on federal lands, ensuring regulatory compliance, and responding to threats like invasive species.

Innovating for Tomorrow

Technology in vegetation management is rapidly evolving, and choosing the right tools is critical for operational success. ECI has experience with every major technological approach to managing vegetation and assets, including unmanned aerial systems (UAS), digital corridor management tools, and advanced remote sensing technologies. We help our partners navigate this complex landscape to select and implement the technologies that best fit their unique business objectives.

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