Turnkey Program Management Services

Turnkey Program Management Services

The majority of utilities are vertically integrated, which has advantages in terms of defining clear roles and responsibilities and holding business areas accountable for performance. However, this structure has a tendency to stymie the opportunity for synergy, creativity and innovation for the greater good of the corporation.

Although ECI has a long history assisting hundreds of utilities implement, maintain and continuously improve their vegetation management programs, we can also help utilities leverage mutually beneficial technologies across multiple business verticals.

The utilization of remote sense technology is a great example of a tool that can be leveraged by multiple verticals (vegetation management, engineering, construction, operations & maintenance, land rights, etc.). Taking a holistic approach to leveraging technology can provide a tremendous value proposition for the company as a whole.

Our team can help you develop use cases and ultimately business cases across multiple verticals that address a multitude of challenges with one data collection. As part of this effort we can help you sort through the myriad of technology options to choose the best option to address YOUR specific challenge.

Businesses outsource specific functions to make rapid change, acquire expertise not available internally or to focus management resources on a business’s core competencies. ECI has tremendous experience in the areas of managing vegetation management programs and remote sensing programs across multiple utility verticals.