Vegetation Management

Turnkey Program Management

A common theme with today’s utility vegetation program manager is a lack of time and band-width to step back and think strategically and holistically about their vegetation program. In addition, vegetation management has become highly complex with many internal and external stakeholders, not to mention the sometimes overwhelming opportunity (and expectation) to be leveraging the most current technology. The pressures on those responsible for vegetation management are influenced by multiple drivers including safety, cost, reliability, compliance, contractor performance, quality, customer relations, just to name a few.

We can empathize! The leadership of ECI have collectively spent decades in your shoes successfully balancing the long list of sometimes competing interests. ECI has a long history of being the “easy button” for many utilities struggling with vegetation management issues. We can handle all aspects of your program including the management of multi-year plans and budgets, writing guidelines and specifications, coordinating the procurement of contractors, managing performance-based operations and public relations associated with the management of vegetation. If you already know your gaps, or are just looking for ways to take your program to the next level, give us a call!

Over fifteen years ago ECI was approached by several utility clients and asked if ECI would take over the management of their right-of-way UVM program. In response, we established our Turnkey Program Management services to provide utilities with an outsourced solution for management of the line clearance vegetation management program.

ECI’s proven track record of successful program management allows TPM clients to focus on providing the safe, reliable, least cost electric service that is so important to all of us who have become increasingly dependent on electricity. ECI deals with the day-to-day task of managing the right-of-way maintenance program with highly experienced on-site staffing focused on achieving utility-specific goals within budget.

ECI’s TPM solution takes an existing program to the next level of success. Combining our 40-year record of successful utility vegetation management experience with a highly skilled staff, proven processes, practical research, efficient data analysis and applications, ECI has a track record of improving efficiency, productivity, reliability and customer relations all within established budgets.


Our TPM services include the following:

  • Complete analyses of the current program
  • Utilization of remote sense technologies
  • Development of detailed plans that align with client goals
  • Development of annual right-of-way management plans for tree pruning, removals, herbicide application and mowing.
  • Work with you to develop the most appropriate contracting strategies for contracted work
  • Right-of-way maintenance contract development
  • Soliciting qualified contracting companies
  • Conducting pre-bid meetings
  • Contractor selection recommendations
  • Manage work assignments to contractor
  • Utilization of multiple, geospatially robust work management systems
  • Inspection of completed work and development of re-work instructions
  • Manage customer issues including work requests, complaints and concerns
  • On-site professional forestry staff
  • ECI senior management support and oversight


Vegetation management is not at the top of every utility’s core competencies, but ECI’s TPM solution embodies all of the services in which we excel.

We specialize in vegetation management so you don’t have to.