Professional Utility Foresters & Arborists

As with all ECI service offerings, our first step is to clearly understand the problem or challenge you are trying to solve and then give you our best advice in your best interest. We can help you clearly define the need, or we can easily align and customize our personnel to meet a pre-defined need. Either way, choosing ECI means that you have a solid business partner committed to bringing you the best human resources available.

ECI’s professional utility foresters and arborists deliver vegetation and asset management services that focus on safety, reliability, efficiency, quality and customer service. Our team members are provided with reliable, state-of-the-art equipment to successfully perform their work and are supported with Learning Management Systems (LMS) to best ensure they have a strong understanding of their jobs as well as any specific training requirements of our clients.

We are passionate about what we do, with a highly engaged workforce that safely delivers innovative solutions to your challenges.

ECI spends considerable time, resources and effort to engage our employees, so they will naturally be highly engaged with you and your customers! Our most recent employee engagement survey showed that:

  • Our safety culture continues to resonate across the company, with 96% of ECI team members recognizing that workplace safety is the top priority of our organization.
  • Nearly 90% of our employees confirmed that there continue to be strong, positive working relationships with their fellow ECI team mates and respectful, supportive working relationships with their supervisors.


ECI Recruiting Philosophy & Practices

ECI leverages numerous resources to successfully identify, source and recruit candidates. We use both internal sources (employee referrals, company career site and recruiter sourced candidates) and external sources (job boards, job search engines, job fairs and recruitment advertising) to build our candidate pool. We then screen each candidate to ensure they are qualified, interested and available before we present them for an assignment and ultimately hire them.

Our in-depth vetting process is what helps set us apart from our competition. ECI supports a consistent, systematic hiring process to eliminate the possibility of discriminatory actions. Our process helps ensure that all applicable affirmative action and equal opportunity laws and practices are met.