Work Auditing

Auditing completed work is a critical element to any vegetation management program. It’s important that the job is done according to your specifications, regardless of your pricing method (e.g., T&E, units, lump sum, etc.) to ensure the goals and objectives of the program are fully executed. Poorly pruned trees, skips/misses and insufficient clearances can all lead to reliability and safety issues. Auditing also provides a critical feedback loop to the tree contractors to assist in aligning them with your expectations, in turn holding their crew leaders accountable to deliver.

Audit components can include:

  • Safety
  • Productivity
  • Acknowledgement that hazardous trees have been mitigated
  • Documentation of any outstanding work that has yet to be completed (e.g., refusals, intentional skips)
  • Compliance with the utility’s work guidelines or specifications
  • Work quality
  • Information that would be helpful in establishing the next interval of maintenance
  • Accountability in terms of sign-offs
  • Tools and equipment
  • Herbicide efficacy
  • Record keeping / administrative
  • Professionalism / customer relations

We work closely with our clients to best ensure that the metrics and measurements developed and implemented best ensure alignment of all internal and external stakeholders of the program, encouraging the right behavior or work in the field. This level of alignment will significantly reduce wasted time, inefficient use of resources, customer complaints and risk.