Recognizing that it is sometimes difficult for utilities to justify additional internal headcount for the support of vegetation management operations and also recognizing that the need is sometimes temporary, ECI provides staff augmentation services. These services can include a wide variety of skill sets, but most commonly include personnel who can supervise and coordinate vegetation management operations in a specific geographic area of need.   

The first step is to help us understand the skill set you need and then our recruiters will cast a wide net both internally and externally to find just the right fit for your need. We also have hundreds of tried and tested internal personnel that may find your opportunity just the right fit for the next chapter in their professional development. 

The next step is for ECI to support these personnel with the  decades of experience in managing utility vegetation management (UVM) programs as well as UVM research, all across North America.

Some advantages of utilizing our staff augmentation services include:  

  • Flexibility for temporary or long-term assignments 
  • Matching candidates to your specific needs 
  • Highly engaged support of these personnel from ECI management and supervision 
  • A recognition of and experience avoiding co-employment issues 
  • Personnel access to various tools and support services from IT to our Learning Management System 
  • ISA certified professional that have the experience and expertise to efficiently and effectively manage UVM operations